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SpeedFix G03C - GPS 10Hz*


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BitRaptor SpeedFix is an GPS digital chronometer telemetry, provides display on digital liquid crystal chronograph time, gap time and several setting/viewing function. The SpeedFix device is fully stand alone, with internal battery and GPS module, without any external wire.
Installs quickly and easily into any vehicle! No wiring needed!



BitRaptor SpeedFix gives you the all function in one products.
- Performance Meter
- Lap Timer
___ - GPS Lap Timing
- Data Acquisition / Logger
___ - GPS Split Lap Timing
___ - PC Playback Analysis

Allso you will know:
- How fast does your vehicle accelerate.
- How good are your lap-times.
- What g-force can you pull.



Performance Meter


BitRaptor SpeedFix is one of the most sophisticated Performance meter on the market, but it is also one of the simplest to use, with many features normally found only on professional test equipment. You can quickly measure the acceleration, braking and cornering performance of your car or motorcicle without having to set anything up beforehand, and there is no need to perform any calibration. Because SpeedFix system is based on GPS, you get so much more for your money than just a simple performance meter.

SpeedFix system uses a GPS system with an update rate of 5 samples per second, whith a very acurate precision module GPS. From this you get accurate speed, cornering g-force, acceleration g-force and accurate distance measurement.

SpeedFix system is based of precision module GPS technology, which has been used all round the world by several motor racing teams in competition to measure speed, distance, aceleration and trajectory.

Using the supplied software, you can download the speed, time, distance, acceleration and trajectory data from SpeedFix device via USB and analyse it using the postprocessor analysis function software.

Another future feature will be the ability to export your SpeedFix position files to Google Earth, allowing you to plot your vehicle's path onto a satellite image of the area.


Lap Timer


Because BitRaptor SpeedFix system uses a fast GPS engine, it knows precisely where you are every 1/5th of a second. Using this information, it can compare your current position with a stored reference points and use this information to trigger a lap timer function.

Setting it up is very easy and only has to be done once. Just put SpeedFix system into setup mode, and drive over the point you wish to define as the start/finish line. This point is then converted into a line at 90 degrees to your direction of travel, and stored in the internal memory.

BitRaptor SpeedFix system will turn on the "FAST" LED, if you have improved your previous lap and it will light if the lap you have just done is the best of the session. And otherway will turn on the "SLOW" LED, if your last lap time is not better then best last time. This solution will supply the driver with all the information necessary for performance without any distraction.


Data Logger


To use the Data-logging, simply start the device and drive. Once you have finished the test, either plug the BitRaptor SpeedFix system into a PC via the USB cable provided, and download datas.

The data is then read into the SpeedFix software, which is installed from the CD supplied. This software allows graphical analysis of acceleration, braking, lap times and trajectory. You can overlay the best lap ever files or other pilot trajectory files, and you get an accurate track map to compare your driving line between different laps. BitRaptor SpeedFix system is more then an simple data-logging, especialy using the PC software features of post processor!


Show on device display:
- Time of every lap format in 1:23:4 (1min, 23sec, 40dec)
- Delay in the best lap format +: 00.8 (slowly then best lap with 80 dec)
- "Helmet" (Led) red - the best lap
- "Helmet" (Led) green - for each lap slower than the best lap
- Selection list circuits
- The list of the times achieved
- Window to identify the unit (serial number) and the owner name.

- Trajectory - GPS
- Time
- Speed
- Acceleration
- Start line
- Partial times ( till 9 parts division of the tracing )

- Trajectory with the coloration for speed or acceleration
- Racetrack border
- Start line
- Partial lines times (split time)
- Maximum speed - for entire session or only for the visualized turn
- Average speed - for entire session or only for the visualized turn
- Instantaneous speed on the trajectory
- Instantaneous acceleration on the trajectory
- Total time - for entire session
- Time for every lap and time for every intermediate field
- Total distance - for entire session or only for the visualized lap
- Speed flow chart
- Number of the completed laps
- Distances between two points on the executed trajectory
- Distances between two points as the crow flies
- Simulation of the laps from the start until the arrival

- Internal battery
- Memorize: trajectory, time, speed and the acceleration in every second
- Possibility to memorize till 99 sessions without download the data to PC
- Protect against the sprays of water, powder, mud, etc…
- Possibility of update internal software

Maximum time acquisition:
- 6hours

- Start / Stop
- Exit
- Up (for menu commands)
- Down (for menu commands)
- On / Off

- 90 x 56 x 25 (mm) - GPS and battery inside

- 200g circa

Software PC:
- Software Speed Fix PC to download, read and show the acquaired data.